In Mitchells Plain, Abacas Solutions is household name when it comes to a highly trained and also helpful electrical contractor. Our company is committed to boosting the neighborhood together with our professional services for all your electrical requirements.

What ever kind of electrical job required all of us assure superb attention to the task at hand. We don’t use subcontractors for a cut since our company is sufficiently small to recognize your request for our services. A job is not complete till we’ve diligently checked all of our work to make certain you certainly are a pleased clients!

Let us give you a friendly service which you are able to give us a call at any time even though it’s mainly for electrical advice. You will receive no pressure, product sales pitch or any up-selling.

Get in touch with Abacas Solutions Twenty-four hours a day, the pleasant experienced electrician in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town.

Abacas Solutions’s team of expert, certified technicians can supply all of your residence and company electrical needs with respect to your Electrical, Security and plumbing. Abacas Solutions in Mitchells Plain is the respected electrician.

Our company offers electric home inspections and can supply electrical compliance certificates in the event of you reselling your home. Having around Twenty years’ experience as an electrical contractor, Abacas Solutions is devoted to providing an in depth home, commercial and industrial electrical service to all home owners all through Cape Town. No task too large or too small, our trained electrical contractors will be ready to repair or install whichever your requirements.

Our own selection of electrical expertise consist of:

• Electrical Inspections for certificates
• Electrical maintenance
• Restoring all of domestic circuitry troubles
• Fault-reports
• Pre-paid Meter Installations
• Outdoor & Security Lighting
• Airconditioner Installation
• General electrical upkeep
• 24hr emergency electrical contractor
• Commercial, Industrial & Home Electric Upkeep

Electrician Mitchells Plain

Electrician Mitchells Plain Abacas Solutions

Thanks to good quality workmanship, quick customer care, and fair pricing, we have been able to expand our electrical contracting services in Mitchells Plain.

Electrical checks and electrical protection certification shall be issued for the leasing and selling by Mitchells Plain Abacas Solutions of residential and other properties.

Whatever the problem, you can be rest assured that you’ll be dealing with an experienced and well-qualified electrician, Electrician Mitchells Plain Abacas Solutions.

For Technical Electrical Work, Recruit Our Experts.

You should look in licensed electrical services to upgrade your home in Mitchells Plain. We carry out a wide array of maintenance from electric poles, circuit breakers and assembly work, as well as lighting, controls, switchboards, furnace and power failures.

Electricians may render a variety of home laws, such as current or new residential electrical standards (no job is too big or too small).

We are Cape Town’s finest electrical business.

Our trained Abacas Solutions electricians promise premium electrical appliances. We are glad to have power connections in Mitchells Plain. Our technicians are able to deliver you services at any place and time.

Our electricians are trained to construct a wall socket as simple as possible for complex network infrastructure installations. Our electricians are master electricians, 24-hour electricians and senior electric wiring technicians, repair specialists, electrical shielding and air conditioning technician. Our electricians are leaders in the largest industry in South Africa.

Mitchells Plain Abacas Solutions Electricians delivers electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call any day or night, whether electrical fixes or updates are needed.

You are only a simple call from our service

Our technical personnel have been trained to conduct all aspects of site visits in a courteous and polite fashion, while ensuring the customer comfort and ease of life. Please make suggestions on how to improve our skills.

Our technical staff concentrated on the Cape Peninsula commercial electrical networks and repairs. On request, we are qualified to assist with electrical malfunction diagnostics or refrigerator electrical emergency maintenance.


Emergency Electrician From Mitchells Plain

Our services can be used 24 hours a day by the electricians and emergency electricians 7 days a week.
We were in an unfortunate situation where we were left in the dark because of a long power outage caused by a leaking fuse box. It can be really unsettling for the entire family when the power goes down during the holidays or after hours.

And who would you call when all the electrical contractors in Cape Town are closed? Abacas Solutions! Please let us if you have a problem with fuse, loop, power travel or blackout. In the field of electrical repairs, there is no mission that cannot be carried out.

Cape Town with Commercial Energy

The new electrical engineering, manufacturing or retail law applies to electrical contractors in Mitchells Plain. Make an electrical or corporate repair plan as well as long-term contracts. See our link for more information on company electrical installations.

We’ve got free numbers.

For all types of staff in the city, the Head Office is geographically located. Cape Town Electric Contractors moves across the city. All electrical work is done by a licensed electrician. We have also highlighted the importance of electrical capital and activity.

Abacas Solutions ties Mitchells Plain customers to state-of-the-art electricity supplies. Our association provides specialized error diagnosis and/or electrical wiring specification guidelines.

As you can see, we are electrical contractors working in Mitchells Plain. We have electricians trained to help you with electrical problems. We are the number one electrician in Cape City. Cape Town electrical suppliers provide call-outs for electricians and emergency electrical suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When the job is done, you can obtain a certificate to finish the electricity function at your home from the approved electrical contractor.

You May Count On Electrician Mitchells Plain Abacas Solution.

Our electricians are available 24/7 and can diagnose the problem quickly and administer the correct solution. We will look after the problem immediately and guarantee that you are safe against any risks to your wellbeing. We are able to give you modern technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our workers at Electrical Companies Cape Town are trained electrical professionals. Give us a call and we will treat you with the utmost respect and security.

We supply electrical maintenance on the same day for home electronics, workplaces and industrial electrical systems. Electrical wires, electrical devices and the construction of equipment are all at all times available. We are able to easily detect earth leakage and power-drive issues with state-of-the-art technologies in our two and three-stage networks. Our electricians still retain the services used by the majority of the staff. This means that we spend less time and work can be accomplished faster.

You’re Only A Simple Call Away From Our Service

Our professional personnel are qualified, courteous, efficient and committed to convenience and ease in all facets of visits to the facility. Please give us suggestions about how to improve our work.

Our technical staff provide experience in Cape Peninsula industrial and maintenance systems. If you have diagnostic electrical defects or electrical and urgent refrigeration maintenance, we will help on request.