Our motive is to offer a trustworthy and friendly electrical service to the people in Claremont. We are committed to assisting the neighbourhood with our services for all your electrical needs.

We are a family operating business and we will get the job done speedily. It doesn’t matter how large or small the task, (we work on small homes to large malls) we always do the work ourselves instead of subcontract other electricians. Your happiness is our the goal and the task is just not complete until you are pleased!

Ring us 24 hours for just about any electrical assistance, abacas solutions the local friendly electrician. You will receive no pressure, product sales pitches or up-selling.

Should you be looking to get a specialist and reliable electrical contractor in Claremont, Cape Town, then simply call Abacas Solutions today!

Abacas Solutions’s group of knowledgeable, certified specialists can supply all your residence and company electrical requirements pertaining to your Electrical, Security and domestic plumbing. Abacas Solutions in Claremont is the dependable electrical contractor.

Electrician Claremont fees are competitive regardless of whether you’ll need installments (e.g. Electric Gates) or maintenance. With more than Twenty years’ experience being an electrical contractor, Abacas Solutions electrical services is devoted to offering an intensive home, commercial and industrial electrical service to just about all people all through Cape Town. Along with our main focus on client satisfaction, safety and integrity, Abacas Solutions can provide licensed electrical contractors who ensure your maintenance or installment is from the best standard.

Electrician Claremont provides you with the following electrical expertise:

• Electrical Inspections for certificates
• Electrical repair
• Repairing all property wiring issues
• Fault-reporting
• Pre-paid Installations
• Outside & Security Lights
• Airconditioner Re-cabling
• Typical electrical upkeep
• 24hr emergency electrical contractor
• Business, Industrial & Non commercial Electric Servicing

Electrician in Claremont

Electricians Claremont Abacas Solutions

Superior workmanship, prompt customer care, and decent pricing have allowed us to grow our Cape Town electrical contract services.

Electricians Claremont Abacas Solution provides electrical inspections and certificates of electrical safety needed for residential and other property leasing and sale.

Whatever the situation, you’ll believe us that we have a high-performance and skilled electrician to tackle this problem. We are readily accessible.

Emergency Electrician From Claremont

We include electricians and emergency electricians with 24-hour electrical services.

We were in an uncomfortable situation where we were left to the dark by a prolonged power loss induced by a leaked fuse. For the whole household, as electricity arrives on vacation or after hours, it is really stressful.

And when contractors in Cape Town are cut off, who can you contact? Abacas Solutions, that is! Abacas Solutions! Please give us a call if you have an issue with a fuse, circuit, power trip, or blackout. It is not impossible to finish an electrical rescue job.

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The headquarters is situated among the city’s various working clusters. Claremont’s power suppliers travel around Cape Town. Electricity is worked by an electrician authorized. We have based a lot on the importance of power and operation.

Cape Town’s homes and new electricity suppliers are provided by Abacas Solutions. Our organization offers professional error diagnostics and/or instructions on electrical wiring design.

It may be claimed that in Claremont we are electrical contractors. We have electricians qualified to assist you with some issues with electricity. We’re Cape City’s No.1 electrician. We have 24-hour electrical call-ups and emergency electrical suppliers at Abacas Solution

When the work is completed, you may receive an electrical certificate of completion from the licensed electric contractor at your building.

Employ Our trained Specialists For Professional Electrical Jobs.
To upgrade your home in Claremont, you can display approved electricity facilities. We conduct a broad range of installs, installation, illumination, power, switchboard, stove, energy loss, etc.

Your electrician should follow all house requirements, including existing or new electrical needs (no job is too big or too small). For more detail, see our website.


Searching for a Cape Town Plumber? 

We’re The Best Electrical Business In Cape City.

Excellent electrical equipment is guaranteed by trained Abacas Solutions electricians. In the Cape Region, we are really glad we have electricity. Our technicians are here and everywhere you choose to supply you with equipment.

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Claremont with Commercial Energy

Claremont electrical vendors are applicable to current electrical, manufacturing, or retail engineering requirements. Provide a maintenance or long-term contract agreement for electricity or corporate jobs. See our company electrical services page for more information.

Free quotes are open.

Our electricians are equipped to build a socket for complicated infrastructure networks as a plain wall socket. Senior electricians are electric lighting professionals, refurbishers, electric shielding technicians, air conditioners, 24h electricians, and students. Our electrical specialists are the leading practitioners in South Africa’s largest sector.

Electrician Claremont Abacas Solutions is a 24-hour energy retailer. If you are looking for electrical repairs or electrical upgrades, please contact us anytime, day or night.

You May Count On Electrician Claremont Abacas Solutions

Our 24-hour electricians should understand and cope with the electrical issue easily. We should be looking after the issue immediately to ensure optimum health security. We are available 24 hours a day to give you fresh technological help. Our electrical suppliers in Claremont are qualified electrical technicians and our main purpose is to provide you with the best possible safety, and please contact us.

For home appliances, workplaces and commercial electrical systems we have urgent electric repair. Electric wire maintenance, electrical machinery and installation of appliances are at all times eligible for use. Earth and electricity leakage concerns are readily detected with state-of-the-art facilities in our 2 and 3-phase networks. Our electricians are still maintaining services utilized by much of our workers. This results in us having less time driving resulting in more productive manufacturing.

You’re Only A Simple Call Away From Our Service

Our technical staff are educated in all aspects of site visits with courteous, courteous, reliable and attentive attention to comfort and ease. Please send us ideas about how our job can be strengthened.

Our professional workers have expertise in industrial and repair structures on the Cape Peninsula. If we have diagnostic electrical faults or electric urgent repairs on refrigerators, we are able to assist on request.